my dream is to one day make enough money to remake the movie twilight so that everything is exactly the same except edward cullen is played by kanye west and kanye west doesnt have a script and isn’t even aware of what the plot of the movie is, he’s just kanye west reacting to twilight in real time

Whoever had this idea deserves an award.


I…I came here with Mr. 36. We escaped together.

We had so many things to learn. It was really scary at first, but we helped each other.

Then one day, Mr. 36 stopped moving. He just stopped… Wouldn’t move or say anything.

My friend who knows lots of things told me that this was what ‘death’ was, and we had to bury him.

Mr. 36 is buried under the ground now. But I don’t understand why.

He’s going to come out again one day, right? When he does, I’m going to wash him off in the pond.

No. 56 (via kirbylovesduke)